Developers Track

Did someone say custom plugins?
The focus in discussions of WordPress often is on how easy it is, and how many things can be done without any need for development skills — but that’s only true because of the robust community of WordPress developers. Sessions for this track should not center on design or content issues, and can assume a background in PHP as well as other server side languages.

Topics we’d like to see covered:

  • Debugging for WordPress
  • Building your first plugin
  • Selling your plugins
  • Frameworks and starter themes
  • Structured data in WordPress
  • Custom post types and custom taxonomies
  • Developing a reponsive WordPress theme
  • Using version control (Git) when developing in WordPress
  • Best Practices for incorporating JavaScript in your theme
  • Use of CSS pre-processors (LESS and / or SASS) for rapid theme development
  • Developing WordPress locally – Desktop Server, Xampp, etc
  • Using open source code in your product – overview of GPL license
  • Using the theme customizer to add options to your theme
  • Using Backbone.js / Underscore.js in your theme or plugin