Foundations of Google Analytics

Presented by Josepha Haden in WP101.

Using Data to Design Killer Experiences for Your User

Presented by Dustin Williams in Designer.

We’ll explore why designers should be designing experiences for the user and not for the boss or themselves. Dustin will showcase tools that he used for User Research, A/B Testing, Usability Testing, Prototyping, and Design.

Blogging Journey – User Track

Presented by Dr. Margaret Rutherford in User.

Dr. Margaret Rutherford – This workshop will focus on the 3 different levels of change necessary for you to feel personally successful as a blogger. developing New Behaviors, Trusting the Power of Your Voice, and Identifying the Distinct Purpose of Your Blog. Sounds so formal! But its really developing new skills, confronting anxieties, and getting clear about what you are creating! I will use my own experience but will want to hear about yours as well! We will talk about it all in 40 minutes, with discussion about our journeys into blogging.

Writing in WordPress: What to Keep In Mind – WP101

Presented by Jamie Smith in WP101.

Jamie Smith – Writing for online audiences is different from traditional writing in many ways. This WordPress 101 session will touch on several topics including the technical side such as tags vs. categories and beginner HTML formatting tricks; as well as keywords, length guidelines, grammar/spelling, developing a voice and establishing editorial guidelines. Not sure what some of those words mean? Don’t worry, we’ll cover it!

Quick and Easy – WP101

Presented by Ben Pollock in WP101.

The session will cover the basics of using WordPress to create — for free — both blogs and conventional websites for personal and business projects. will be the basis of demonstrations to create a site then create individual pages and posts. details will be integrated into the presentation.

“Wow” with Plugins – WP101

Presented by Paula Finch in WP101.

How to choose, install, activate, and add the wow factor using plugins on your WordPress website.

Google Analytics – User Track

Presented by Josepha Haden in User.

(Knowledge/Ability Level: 0 of 10)
If there were an internet Bill of Rights, knowing what’s happening on your site would be the number one item. This session will introduce you to Google Analytics. We’ll learn the basic layout of the tool as well as foundational knowledge; definitions, how it works, and the best reports for beginners. Josepha Haden of Haden Interactive leads the session.

Relationship Marketing for Your Blog – User Track

Presented by Kim Herrington in User.

Ever wonder why there are certain tight knit groups of influencers in your blog’s niche? What to infiltrate and leverage others popularity? relationship marketing is all about building communication and trust with influencers in your niche to increase your blog’s reach and brand awareness. This session covers what relationship marketing is, the basics of the process to build valuable blog relationships, and how to execute a plan to build your blog audience through relationship marketing.

WordPress When You Mean Business – User Track

Presented by Rebecca Haden in User.

WordPress isn’t just for bloggers. With the right plugins, a WordPress website can not only provide the web presence your company needs, but also help you organize a lot of the the back office stuff. Explore some all-business plugins.

Why Your Design Sucks: Psychology of Design – Designer Track

Presented by Eric Huber in Designer.

Tips, Stats, and Psychology for Design

Sky’s the Limit: A Content-First Approach to Responsive Design – Designer

Presented by Sky Shabatura in Designer.

I will give a brief introduction to responsive design and talk about mobile-first and content-first approaches. I will then go into other factors that need to be taken into consideration when creating a responsive template, such as typography, font size, image sizes, spatial relationships, assumptions about user content. Finally, I will show how these considerations can all be put together to take the guess work out of creating a default responsive page template in WordPress.

How I lost $100,000, Mistakes Made By A WordPress Developer – Designer

Presented by James Lane in Designer.

Description coming soon.

Oh The Places You’ll Go Using SEO – User

Presented by Valerie Cudnik in User.

In this session on SEO, we’ll cover on-site optimization: what that means and why we do it. Then we’ll look at plugins and how to configuration them, and will walk through actually optimizing a couple of pages and posts using these plugins.

Finding and Choosing A WordPress Theme – WP101

Presented by Angela Belford in WP101.

  • What is a theme?
  • Where to find themes
  • Choosing your theme
  • Customizing/theme options

How to Optimize Your WordPress Metadata – Developer

Presented by Tate Barber in Designer.

Description coming soon.

WordPress Project Management / Agency Process – Designer

Presented by Travis Taylor in Designer.

Description coming soon.

Measuring Your Story with Content Strategy – User Track

Presented by Christopher Spencer in User.

Christopher Spencer, University of Arkansas Content Strategist

Knowing your audience and developing content that addresses their needs is critical to online success. This session shows how to mine social media, Google Analytics and questionnaires to uncover insights and develop a strategy that grows readership and sales.

WP 101 Q & A

Presented by Angela Belford in WP101.